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07-10-2024 - RI - RhodeIslandFairElections on X: "A 'photo ID' in Rhode Island is NOT what everyone thinks it is. A valid RI license or state ID, or passport is what most people think of when discussing a photo ID. However, when REALLY looking at what makes a photo ID in RI, we found this document on how to apply for a voter ID card. All you need is credit/debit card, gym card, public housing ID, etc. This is completely unacceptable. Another 'hole' in the RI voter registration system. Another way to manipulate the system. Another way to mislead RI voters. #RhodeIsland #rhodeislandiscorrupt @EIwatchdogs @TrueTheVote @CauseAmerica @ocvcoalition @elonmusk
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07-08-2024 - REPLAY - Election Security Call with Capt. Maureen Bannon, Catherine Engelbrecht, Dan Schultz & Many MoreClick Here: 🚨 Election Security is the Key!

RI Fair Elections Goals for 2024

Sara explains how to get involved with our state coalition. We are on social media FB, X and Telegram as RI Fair Elections. rifairelections@protonmail.com
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Local and National Task Forces 

Our Rhode Island task force works with a supportive and informative team at the national level. Click on the links below to find out more!

Local task force

Attend weekly meetings to find out what is happening on the RI election process.  

Election Integrity Network  (EIN)

Attend weekly national groups and learn about mail ballots/USPS, vulnerable voters, research and data and the voter rolls. 

The Virginia Model 

Using the Virginia model to help make our elections transparent for all voters.